The Cornerstone Baptist Church

is a growing church, with a rich history in central North Dakota.  Over 30 years ago, a few families got together and decided they wanted a place to worship God the biblical way, according to God's perfect and preserved word, the King James Bible. This dedication by these families resulted in the creation of the Cornerstone Baptist Church.

The danger in man's traditions & religions

comes from just that�they are MAN'S!  God never intended for mankind, the pinnacle of His creation, to worship the spirit of God in the flesh of men.  This path results in a condescending, vain, and lifeless "tradition" which fosters dead churches.  At Cornerstone Baptist, we strive to worship the living God in the living way, through Jesus Christ!  Friends, understand this: God loves you (John 3:16), and has prepared His daily sufficient grace for you, since before the foundation of the world ( II Tim 1:9 ).  Cornerstone Baptist exists for one purpose; to glorify God. The Bible teaches us that God is glorified by  men, women, and children growing in the grace and knowledge of God, and worshiping Him in The Spirit.

Cornerstone Baptist Church is a place

for marriages to be strengthened, children to be nurtured, and families to grow in faith. It's a place for life to find meaning, for spirits to find purpose, and for souls to find rest.  It's a place of comfort for the afflicted, of healing for the wounded, and compassion for the hurting.  It's a place for the lost to find salvation, the saints to be stirred, and  ALL to find grace.  CBC is a place for the family, a place to find truth, and a place to be loved.  Simply put, Cornerstone Baptist Church is a place to call home.